Hunger doesn’t take the weekend off

Publix Charities steps up again to help Hunger take the weekend off

Publix Supermarket is more than a grocery store. If you have read its history, you know this. Founder and visionary Mr. George was a dreamer who was driven and determined to bring a luxury experience to the mundane task of grocery shopping. If you walk into a Publix store today, you get all those feels – pristine, sparkling floors, uniformed Kelly Green polos scattered all around the store with people who genuinely seem to want to help you.

Once asked, what would he be worth had he not given so much away to others. He humbly responded, “Probably nothing.”

Mr. Jenkins was a successful entrepreneur so much so that his company has given $2 billion in food to Feeding America® member food banks and other nonprofits over the last ten years. The BackPack Weekend Food Program is among these nonprofits.

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